Every once in a while, the stars will magically align, and I'll feel a deep sense of energy. Being an extremely driven woman with a business and four kids (and human, too), I instantly seize that energy and use it for all it's worth. Then, I'll wake up the next day, back to my usual levels of fatigue—or even exhaustion—realizing that I've really overdone it. I have adrenal fatigue, and it's a constant struggle to keep my energy levels balanced.

Growing up I was always a skinny kid and I assumed I would stay that way. Turns out that as an adult, sitting on your butt at work all day, while eating nothing but refined foods and sugary drinks doesn’t lend itself well to staying thin. By the time 2006 rolled around, I was 315 pounds and was still trying to convince myself that the dryer in my apartment building had been shrinking my clothes.

The popularity of cellphones makes this technology the most quickly accepted device in the history of consumer technology, leading to overuse, addictive behavior and increasing your risk of illness or disease

Recent research has identified over 20 different bacterial species on phones of secondary school students; other studies demonstrate proximity to cellphones increases your exposure to EMF radiation